How it Works

Minus80 Monitoring provides an easy, effective, and economical way for research organizations, hospitals, blood banks, pharmacies, biotech and others to remotely monitor critical parameters for standard and ultra-low freezers, LN2, refrigerators, incubators, and other temperature controlled storage units, while securely logging data and offering immediate alerting whenever conditions exceed pre-defined thresholds.

The Minus80 solution differs from other wireless monitoring systems in that on-site equipment is minimal and easy to set-up, including a low cost subscription service model of payment. Monitoring is easily accomplished by an innovative Minus80 control unit that installs in minutes and constantly monitors any storage units internal temperature, ambient / room temperature, and door open/close status. The control unit sends real-time information wirelessly to an onsite data gathering appliance which in turn sends the information to the Minus80 monitoring center. A user log-in web portal or iPhone application allows easy monitoring of storage units, configuration of alerting protocols, and access to current and historical data. Alarm notification is easily set-up and managed by the user, allowing alerts to be sent via a telephone call, SMS text message, or email. A mobile phone application increases flexibility and real-time notification to your personnel in the event an alert requires immediate action.

Minus80 architecture chart

Minus80 puts the power and control in your hands and eliminates the need for expensive on-site servers that require ongoing maintenance and costly service calls. The Minus80 solution is designed to be administered and managed by onsite personnel from anywhere. Real time monitoring and alerting helps to protect your facility from loss due to the failure of a temperature controlled units. Continual data collection and reporting allows compliance with facility regulations. Additionally, we have discovered the data collected provides key information that can be applied towards sustainability initiatives. Our ability to monitor door open/close events, their frequency and duration, then being able to show the associated impact on the unit’s internal temperature and its ability to recover, has helped many of our customers develop better lab habits, strengthen lab protocols, and even identify units in need of servicing.  Door monitoring provides tremendous insight as to “why” a freezer may be warming and when it is slow to recover—-something we do track.  Slow recovery can pinpoint a unit that may be running excessively and operating inefficiently.  Collectively, this can help to improve energy awareness and overall laboratory efficiency.

Minus80 provides a flexible service based model for equipment monitoring.  As part of the service, Minus80 provides and maintains all of the required infrastructure equipment and monitoring units.  Installation can be accomplished by on-site maintenance personnel or by Minus80 technicians.  Minus80 eliminates the large capital outlays typically necessary when installing a monitoring system and removes on-going maintenance requirements for such systems.  Minus80 can grow and scale with you so that you can flexibly manage your monitoring as your needs change.

Training on the Minus80 monitoring system, user interface, and mobile phone application is easily accomplished and takes about 15 minutes.  You are quickly and confidently self-navigating the user site, setting alert protocols, and accessing reports, offering peace of mind and more time to concentrate on your work..

Benefits of Minus80 Monitoring