Case Studies

Lab Manager March 2013 - How It Works: Temperature Monitoring - Kucenas Lab at University of Virginia Protects Vital Research

The College of William & Mary Protects Research Samples with Minus80 Monitoring Solution

North Carolina State University's David Clark Labs Protects Samples & Improves Lab Habits with Minus80 Monitoring

CSHEMA Associate Member Minus80 Monitoring Helps Protect Academic Research and Health Center Vaccines

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Fills Gap for Growing Company in San Diego, California - Tonbo Biosciences

Lab Manager March 2014 - How It Works: Wireless Remote Temperature Monitoring - Making the Transition from BAS Monitoring to a Cloud-based Monitoring Solution at Duke Medical's Fanny Ripple Transplantation Lab

Mobile App for Temperature Monitoring from Minus80 - Research Labs, Health Clinics, Biotech, and Pharma