Minus80 provides an easy, low-cost subscription based model for solutions / applications across multiple markets requiring critical temperature monitoring.

Minus80 Monitoring provides secure access to current and historical data twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For customers requiring recorded historical data, Minus80’s standardized reporting logs allow for compliance with facility regulations such as JCAHO, NIST, FDA and other regulatory agencies.

Simply put, monitoring applications and automated reporting make it easy to stay in compliance with the growing array of rigid regulatory requirements you must fulfill. Real time monitoring, alerting, and reporting helps to protect your facility from loss due to the failure of a temperature controlled unit, from a door left open, or from a temperature exceeding the desired threshold. With the ability to immediately know of impending loss, your business is protected from the financial impact from loss of product or critical samples. You can have peace of mind you will be alerted of any event requiring corrective action.

Our sensors are commonly used to monitor equipment such as:

Each monitoring unit will monitor and report: