The founding team at Minus80 Monitoring brings a deep level of experience in critical system monitoring to our solution that is specifically tailored for the laboratory environment.  Our company’s purpose is to help you protect your research by preventing loss that occurs when any type of storage unit fails.

Minus80 Monitoring recognizes the unique needs of facilities, especially research labs that depend on critical temperature monitoring of their storage units, but may not be able to afford the costly capital requirements of purchasing a monitoring platform.  We understand that providing notification and alerting of critical information allows for immediate action so samples are not compromised.  Additionally, we have discovered the information collected provides key information that can be applied towards sustainability initiatives via door use and recovery time features. Collectively, this can help to improve energy awareness and lab protocols.  In today’s mobile world, Minus80’s mobile application allows access to real time system statistics and data from wherever you are.

Minus80 strives to partner and collaborate with other companies, labs, and facilities as we provide this robust, cloud-based monitoring, alarming, and reporting solution via a low cost subscription service to the academic research, biotechnology and life sciences industry.  With Minus80 Monitoring, our customers can have peace of mind while they focus on their work and leave the monitoring to us.